Ivars Berzins

Founder, and Chief Cameraman

Amanda Evans


Stephen Press


Ivars Berzins – Pacific Screens Founder and Chief Cameraman

Ivars Berzins’ love of cameras and story-telling began when he got his first instamatic camera as an eight year old. His high schools days were spent in his school’s dark room, which turned out to be the perfect way to kick off his career in visual storytelling!

His film and TV work spans formats, locations and genres – starting out on 16mm and 35mm feature films and documentaries, then progressively specializing in video productions – travelling the world as a lighting cameraman on Current Affairs and Programme assignments. He eventually left his position of Chief Cameraman in the Wellington Office of TVNZ in 1996, to start his own company – Pacific Crews (now Pacific Screen).

Ivars special interest lies in people-based stories, arts, travel and documentary work. He’s worked with people from all walks of life, in some of the world’s most diverse locations – the beaches of East Timor, Champs Elysees in downtown Paris, the fjords of Norway and the United Nations in New York.

Ever ready for a challenge, Ivars has expanded his skills into documentary directing, with great success in observational stories narrated by the talent themselves. His on-going fascination with cameras and their development has seen his most recent selection of the Canon 300 full frame sensor camera, which allows him to combine his love of still photography with digital storytelling for
both the small and big screen.

Ivars Berzins is passionate about his craft; he explains:

“TV is about relationships – a coming-together of personalities which makes for great story telling. We set out to create a company focused on quality, experience, creativity, and really excellent service. That’s what I’ve been working towards and I think we’ve done it. Our clients think so, anyway! And I like coming to work – that’s the real test!”